Scale Out Data Center

SANCluster Scale out Data Center (CloudBox) is complete cloud platform and the better way to a new datacenter. A Hyper converged datacenter, purpose built for server virtualization and cloud computing, with everything you need in one solution. No proprietary SAN or NAS. No hypervisor license. No expensive add-ons.

Sancluster HCI

It’s time to forget traditional data center deployment, it’s time to have all compute, network and storage in a box with ready to install VMs.

It’s time to deploy your data center and all VMs in less than a day,  just turn on  Sancluster Sclae out data center and go through a nice web GUI and configure your entire data center included network , storage and VMs with few clicks.

It’s time to stop concerning about future expansion, it’s easy as adding new servers and turning on.  There you are, more CPUs, more storage and more VMs.

SANCluster CloudBox creates a hyper converged datacenter that lets you deploy applications, provision VMs and storage, and reconfigure the infrastructure in minutes, without changing the underlying hardware.

  • SANCluster CloudBox creates an elastic, distributed platform that automatically adjustswhen new resources are added. No more over-provisioning. No more capacity planning.
  • SANCluster CloudBox is delivered as a complete datacenter solution. We don’t upsell you to get the features you really want, they’re all included. Everything you need, from hypervisor to storage to data protection, is included in scale-out building block appliances and managed through one console.

SanCluster provides a complete platform for server and desktop virtualization, coupling a highly scalable software-based infrastructure with the proven KVM hypervisor. This convergence of storage and network infrastructure with hypervisor enables incredibly rapid deployment of server virtualization projects, VDI infrastructures, and private and hybrid clouds – all by one administrator from the same console.

SanCluster virtualizes and aggregates storage, computing, and networking resources to create a virtual datacenter independent from the underlying hardware. Because configured hardware is abstracted to a set of resources, SanCluster provides massive scalability on an easy to build scale-out architecture.

  • Reduce per-VM Costs– SanCluster is the full datacenter stack including storage, network and computing features. VM’s require all three to function. Since SanCluster shares resources across all three stacks as efficiently as possible, your per VM cost is a fraction of what you’re used to and no third party hardware of licenses are required to get up and running.
  • Boost Performance– SanCluster is built for server and VDI virtualization. SanCluster supports caching and storage to high-performance disk, allowing for significantly faster IO performance. In a virtual environment, common OS and kernel files are cached and deduped on high-speed flash storage, substantially improving VM performance.
  • Flexible Capacity– SanCluster pools available storage capacity and intelligently balances available resources to meet demand. If storage resources are added or removed, SanCluster automatically re-balances the load to ensure the most effective use of the new or remaining capacity. With SanCluster’s distributed file system, the direct-attached disk on each host can be pooled and presented as shared storage. As new hosts are introduced, their disks can easily be added to the storage pool.
  • Redundancy– SanCluster is built on a distributed network of low-cost commodity hardware that when coupled with SanCluster software, transforms into powerful scale-out building block appliances. This allows you to easily and inexpensively configure redundant systems, either within the datacenter or around the world. SanCluster includes built-in data synchronization that simultaneously writes data to multiple sites, eliminating single points of failure.
  • Ease of Management– The full scope of SanCluster functionality can be managed and configured by an IT generalist through a simple web interface.