InfinityScale 2000 – Scale out Hybrid Storage

InfinityScale 2000 Series provide hybrid Storage technology optimized for variety range of low cost to enterprise use cases.

SANCluster InfinityScale 2000

Using hybrid SSD & SATA disks with dual 10 or 40 GbE network cards or even 100 Gb Infiniband card, A cluster of 4 of such storage nodes can provide up to 480TB in capacity and more than 100 GB/s performance.

Many repeating customers started with a few hundreds of TBs and expanded to the PB level over the years.  With over 150 PBs deployed, some of the industries we support include:

  • Scientific computing/high-performance computing

Oil and Gas, Life sciences/Generic research, and analyses in computational physics and chemistry, material sciences, aerospace engineering and etc.

  • Media and Entertainment

Film Rending, IPTV, Non-linear Editing (NLE), and Media Asset Management.

  • Video surveillance

High definition video recording and monitoring (24/7/365), with WORM – write once and read many technology.

  • Telecommunication

In a mix environments included CDN files, social network data, big data analytic and etc. Telecommunication industry needs high performance and scalable systems to address their new challenges.


InfinityScale 2000 Series:

Product Number                            Model Description
ISC-Base2000 BASE CHASSIS – ISC2000 High end enterprise system for Metadata Controller System
ISC2000‐4TB ISC2000-2.2GHZ/10C/128G+15X4TB SAT Distributed Storage System.

60 TB RAW Capacity.

Capacity>200 PB Single Volume.

ISC2000‐8TB ISC2000-2.2GHZ/2C/16G+15X8TB SAT Distributed Storage System.

120 TB RAW Capacity.

Capacity>200 PB Single Volume.

ISC2000‐Hybrid-19 ISC2000-2.2GHZ/10C/128G+10X4TB SAT

5 * 1.9 TB SSD

Distributed Storage System.

49.5 TB RAW Hybrid Capacity.

Capacity>200 PB Single Volume.

ISC2000‐Hybrid-38 ISC2000-2.2GHZ/10C/128G+10X4TB SAT

5 * 3.8 TB SSD

Distributed Storage System.

59 TB RAW Hybrid Capacity.

Capacity>200 PB Single Volume.

ISCN-IB 2X56G IB (QSFP+) Network Backend 56 Gb Infiniband Backend
ISCN-40 2X40GBE (QSFP+) Network Backend 40 GbE Backend
ISCN-10 2X10GBE (SFP+) 10 GbE Backend
ISC-LIC01 SANCLuster Advance LICENSE /Capacity License per TB Capacity
ISC-HSWT10 10 GbE Switch 10 GbE Switch
ISC-HSWT40 40 GbE Switch 40 GbE Switch
ISC-HSWTIb 56 Gb Infiniband  Switch 56 Gb Infiniband  Switch