Scalability is one of the biggest challenges in data centers, the capability of a system, network, or process to handle a growing amount of work, or its potential to be enlarged to accommodate that growth is a unique advantage we can offer to our customers.

Our products are capable of increasing its total output under an increased load when resources (typically hardware) are added or there is more demands for resources from users.

We offer edge of technology solutions including hardware, deployment, software and support.


SANCluster scale out storage designed for large-scale, data-intensive applications. SANCluster is a fully POSIX-compliant parallel file system provides the best price and performance to address today storage challenges. SANCluster scale out Storage capacity and performance is based on linear expansion. Based on a non-disruptive systems expansion and predictable capacity and performance increase, SANCluster Scale Out-Solution provides best ROI for your storage budget and growth.

SANCluster InfinityScale is an unique Scale Out storage solution designed for large-scale, data-intensive applications. InfinityScale is a fully POSIX-compliant parallel file system provides the best price and performance storage solution. SANCluster InfinityScale Storage has proven customer successes in Internet, oil & gas, life sciences & bioinformatics, media & entertainment, video surveillance, education and government for high performance storage solutions.

SANCluster CloudScale develops a full software data storage and compute platform able to offer high capacity, high scalability and high performance for high- demanding applications based on Object technology.

SANCluster and  Fujitsu are partner together offering high quality hardware like, servers, storage and enterprise mainframes to customers.

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Cloud Infrastructure

Modern businesses need the flexibility and responsiveness that cloud computing offers, but often lack the expertise and resources necessary to build a cloud with traditional architectures. The goal of the “cloud” is to provide an agile, reconfigurable environment that can provision storage and computing resources on-demand to meet changing needs. The key to this flexibility …


Desktop and application virtualization deployments also known as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure are increasingly common in today’s mobile friendly IT environments. VDI is not only being driven by IT departments to efficiently support growing end user computing needs, they are also needed to support bring your own device initiatives, unfettered mobile access to applications and data, …

Storage virtualization

Dramatically simplify and streamline your storage with SanCluster. A software-defined storage platform that is highly resilient, better performing and considerably less expensive than traditional SAN or NAS options. Built on an elastic scale-out architecture, buy what you need now and scale as your business demands. Because SanCluster is software-based, you can optimize your building blocks …

About Us

SANcluster is a high performance Scale out Data Center technology. Our global network of partners includes storage vendors, system integrators, and IT solution providers work together to provide best solutions to our customer all over the world. We tailor our solutions to fit industry-specific datacenter needs in different diverse sectors: Data Centers, Financial Services, Enterprise Service providers, Government, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare, and High-Performance Computing.