Financial Services

Financial services companies including banking, insurance, and capital market firms are facing the increased need for new, innovative services to maintain a competitive advantage, while dealing with unprecedented data growth, ever present cyber-security risks, and increasing regulatory requirements. This change in the ‘new normal’ requires rethinking IT infrastructure.

Built with web-scale technologies, our datacenter solutions form the perfect foundation for financial services firms looking for profitable growth and improved competitiveness. You can keep pace with changing business and customer demands, comply with tougher regulations, and mitigate new risks.

SANCluster Advantages:

  • A hyper-converged infrastructure, SANCluster virtualizes your storage, computing and network, presents them in configurable classes and managed them through a single-pane-of-glass. No expensive third party hardware or software required.
  • A software-defined solutionSANCluster intelligence lies in our software, we turn commodity hardware into scale-out building block appliances. Because the infrastructure is defined by software, you can create and reconfigure virtual computing environments at will while the virtual networking automatically adapts to your changes.
  • Elastic Scalability– In a hyper-converged infrastructure, all resources are abstracted from the underlying hardware and presented as classes of performance and capacity. This provides for a much more efficient use of physical resources, but more importantly allows any workload to automatically take advantage of new resources.

SANCluster eliminates the limitations found in traditional datacenter architectures: it lowers the cost of entry, reduces the cost of ownership, and creates an agile infrastructure that adapts to a changing business environment.