infinityscale 9000 – Scale Out All Flash Storage

It is our goal to provide customers with the best performance-to-cost systems, leveraging only commodity hardware with no vendor lock-in and not to rely on expensive hardware, such as high-end servers or SSDs or Flash disks for high performance.

InfinityScale 9000 Series provide All Flash Storage technology optimized for mission critical use cases.

InfinityScale 9000 Series

Using SSD disks with dual 40 GbE network cards or 100 Gb Infiniband card, A cluster of 4 of such storage nodes can provide 192 TB in capacity and more than 156 GB/s write performance.

Many repeating customers started with a few hundreds of TBs and expanded to the PB level over the years.  With over 150 PBs deployed, some of the industries we support include:

  • Scientific computing/high-performance computing

Oil and Gas, Life sciences/Generic research, and analyses in computational physics and chemistry, material sciences, aerospace engineering and etc.

  • Media and Entertainment

Film Rending, IPTV, Non-linear Editing (NLE), and Media Asset Management.

  • Video surveillance

High definition video recording and monitoring (24/7/365), with WORM – write once and read many technology.

  • Telecommunication

In a mix environments included CDN files, social network data, big data analytic and etc. Telecommunication industry needs high performance and scalable systems to address their new challenges.


InfinityScale 9000 Series:

Product Number                              Model Description
ISC-Base9000 BASE CHASSIS – ISC9000 High end enterprise Metadata Controller System.

Support up to 144 Parallel Metadata Controllers.



ISC9000-2.6GHZ/16C/256G+15X3.8TB SSD


Distributed Storage System.

57 TB RAW Capacity (full SSD) per Chassis.

Capacity > 200 PB Single Volume.



ISC9000-2.6GHZ/16C/256G+15X1.9TB SSD


Distributed Storage System.

28.5 TB RAW Capacity (full SSD) per Chassis.

Capacity > 200 PB Single Volume.

ISCN-IB 2X56G IB (QSFP+) Network Backend 56 Gb Infiniband Backend.
ISCN-40 2X40GBE (QSFP+) Network Backend 40 GbE Backend
ISCN-10 2X10GBE (SFP+) 10 GbE Backend
ISC-LIC01 SANCLuster Advance LICENSE /Capacity License per TB Capacity
ISC-HSWT10 10 GbE Switch 10 GbE Switch
ISC-HSWT40 40 GbE Switch 40 GbE Switch
ISC-HSWTIb 56 Gb Infiniband  Switch 56 Gb Infiniband  Switch