Media Industry

Built for 4K & Beyond

As a post production professional you face ever-changing client requirements, tighter deadlines and shrinking budgets. With a complete HD workflow being the norm and 4K already here or coming fast, you need rock-solid performance and reliability in your workflow.

Our solutions offer the best cost/performance of any system available, and they’re 100% optimized for media workflows and ready for the challenges of today and the future. You no longer have to compromise with a data center centric IT storage solution, or get locked into a locked down proprietary solution. StorNext is the open answer.


Our Solution has provided proven service at top sports broadcasters, and now users will experience speeds up to 10x faster than the previous version from ingest to delivery. Seamless integration of disk and tape archive .


Our solution delivers flexible enterprise data management solutions, such as high-speed data access and cost-effective storage tiering and archiving with two core components, shared SAN file system (SN SAN Clients) and Storage Manager. The File System is enabled by SAN clients that are compatible with Windows, Linux, UNIX, and Mac OS operating systems.

Storage Manager, residing on the MDC, is a policy-based data mover that automatically and transparently copies or moves data to another tier of storage. Files can be truncated in the primary file system, leaving behind a pointer, or they can remain whole with a copy in a lower storage tier. Because this movement is all done within the instance, the data remains local to the application that is accessing the file system.

Key Features

  • High Performance, Shared Access
  • Multi-GB/sec Scalability
  • Tiered Storage Management


Business Benefits

  • Boost productivity through enhanced collaboration
  • Reduce IT spending by implementing a tiered storage architecture
  • Single namespace that is scalable into multi-PB environments