Providing an effective disaster recovery service is essential for mission-critical workloads running in your cloud. SANCluster CloudBox DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) brings affordable, high-performance real-time DR to public and private cloud services, for the first time.

SANCluster DRaaS
  • Constant Data Protection (CDP)

SANCluster CloudBox DRaaS goes far beyond simple snapshot-based DR services. You can offer real-time protection for virtual servers in your cloud, and create high performance Disaster Recovery services with zero data loss guaranteed for most workloads.

  • Zero complexity

When DRaaS is activated for a virtual server, the server is replicated in real-time to a remote DR site, and remains in sync while DRaaS is enabled for that server. SANCluster CloudBox DRaaS integrates seamlessly with SANCluster CloudBox , and has no impact on virtual server performance. It activates with a single click, and is fully integrated with SANCluster CloudBox billing systems.

  • Public and Private DR support

SANCluster CloudBox DRaaS replicates data in real time between a source cloud and one or more replication cloud sites – either as a fully managed service, or a DR service you manage yourself:

  • Public DRaaS: we provide and manage a selection of remote replication sites that you can choose from to protect your cloud.
  • Private DRaaS: if you have multiple datacenters, you can set up a private DR service where you manage the replication sites.
  • Flexible DR configuration

You can enable SANCluster CloudBox DRaaS for some or all of the hypervisor zones in your cloud, and choose different replication targets for each zone. For example, you can replicate to a geographically distant location for greater protection against local outages. Or replicate to a nearby location if, for example, there’s a requirement to keep data within a specific jurisdiction.

  • Industry-leading RPOs and RTOs

SANCluster CloudBox DRaaS is based on SANCluster CloudBox Storage, the distributed SAN built into the SANCluster CloudBox platform. By using inline data write intercepts, and removing remote write latency, it delivers exceptional DR performance for a wide range of workloads:

  • RPO – Recovery Point Objective – measures how up-to-date replicated data is. SANCluster CloudBox DRaaS has an RPO so low that you can guarantee zero data loss for the majority of workloads.
  • RTO – Recovery Time Objective – measures the time taken for an application to start running again after a failure. SANCluster CloudBox DRaaS has an RTO of less than 5 minutes for most virtual servers.
  • Low cost, high performance

Real-time data protection is normally affordable only to businesses who can run multiple redundant clouds connected by expensive dedicated fiber links. SANCluster CloudBox DRaaS introduces real-time protection without the cost, using commodity cloud infrastructure and the integrated/distributed SAN technology built into the SANCluster CloudBox platform.

  • Security, monitoring & alerts

SANCluster CloudBox DRaaS monitors uptime for each cloud that has disaster recovery enabled. If a problem is detected, it actively probes to see if any DRaaS-enabled virtual servers are down, and generates alerts for the cloud provider (or their customer) to begin the failover process. SANCluster CloudBox DRaaS uses public/private key authorization, and fully encrypts all DR data.