Cloud Infrastructure

  • Modern businesses need the flexibility and responsiveness that cloud computing offers, but often lack the expertise and resources necessary to build a cloud with traditional architectures.
  • The goal of the “cloud” is to provide an agile, reconfigurable environment that can provision storage and computing resources on-demand to meet changing needs. The key to this flexibility lies with the architecture itself. Traditional datacenters are limited by a reliance on static storage installations and a rigid networking infrastructure. In order to overcome these limitations, a new approach to datacenter architecture is needed.
  • SANCluster is the ideal platform on which to base large-scale virtualization, private and hybrid cloud deployments. SANCluster creates a software-defined datacenter that lets you deploy applications, provision VMs, and reconfigure the infrastructure in minutes, without changing the underlying hardware.

  • A hyper-converged infrastructure– SanCluster uses its built-in vSAN and hypervisor to abstract storage, compute, and networking resources in your environment from the underlying hardware; no expensive third party hardware or licenses required.
  • A software-defined solution– SanCluster’s intelligence lies in the software, meaning you can use any non-proprietary commodity hardware you chose, and change it at any time without affecting your environment. Because the infrastructure is defined by software, you can create and reconfigure virtual computing environments at will.
  • Scale-out elasticity– SanCluster’s virtualization or storage-centric building block appliances stitch together to build an intelligent virtual datacenter that can be expanded with the addition of appliances. Because the infrastructure is defined by software, you can create and reconfigure virtual computing environments at will. No migrations or reconfigurations.
  • Reduce Storage Costs– SanCluster is an intelligent platform that transforms commodity hardware into powerful scale-out building blocks. This allows you to quickly deploy a virtual storage environment using building blocks pre-configured for high IO with solid state disk or for capacity with hard disk drives.


Desktop and application virtualization deployments also known as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure are increasingly common in today’s mobile friendly IT environments. VDI is not only being driven by IT departments to efficiently support growing end user computing needs, they are also needed to support bring your own device initiatives, unfettered mobile access to applications and data, and improved security.

Unfortunately traditional three-tier based VDI architectures with separate storage and compute (servers) bring complexity, inflexible resource provisioning, and fragmented infrastructure management, which can offset the advantages of desktop virtualization. Moreover these infrastructure issues are magnified as desktop and application projects scale from pilot to full-scale production environments.

By using hyper-converged infrastructures for VDI projects, we can speed up time-to-build and eliminate risks by removing unnecessary components. The bottom line is: It’s KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid), while guaranteeing performance and improving the virtual desktop user experience.

So how does hyper-converged infrastructure accomplish that? It uses fewer components and reduces complexity: no more shared storage in a SAN orNAS configuration, no more SAN networking. Storage, CPU and memory are crammed into one box with a software layer to control the three components, offering the hypervisor an optimized resource model for VDI.

Storage virtualization

Dramatically simplify and streamline your storage with SanCluster. A software-defined storage platform that is highly resilient, better performing and considerably less expensive than traditional SAN or NAS options. Built on an elastic scale-out architecture, buy what you need now and scale as your business demands. Because SanCluster is software-based, you can optimize your building blocks for flash performance or disk drive capacity. Multi-protocol support delivers storage to any application. Add performance, capacity, deduplication, cloud synchronization and encryption, on-demand, where and when you need it.

Rethink Your Storage

  • SanCluster provides the enterprise-classstorage features you need to support all of your business initiatives today, while freeing you from the financial and technical limitations that would hamper you tomorrow.
  • SanCluster creates an elastic, scale-out storage platform that automatically adjusts when new resources are added. No more over-provisioning. No more capacity planning.
  • Because your resources are abstracted from your hardware, SanCluster intelligently uses RAM, flash and hard disk while optimizing for performance or capacity use cases.
  • SanCluster is delivered as a complete storage solutiondesigned to work with what you already have. We don’t upsell you to get the features you really want, they’re all included. Everything you need, from data protection to management is included in one solution and managed through an easy to use dashboard.
  • SanCluster eliminates the limitations found in traditional storage architecture: it lowers the cost of entry; reduces the cost of ownership; and creates an infrastructure that can adapt to a changing business environment. With budgets tight everywhere, doing more with less is always a good thing.
  • SanCluster greatly simplifies your organization’s storage management, guiding you to the right decision, enabling quick and efficient actions, and eliminating conflicts and other errors. Simplicity reduces the amount of time and effort required for administration, and reduces the risk of errors introduced by complex management.