SANCluster powers cloud services for thousands of businesses, hundreds of thousands of users and millions of virtual servers – including an estimated 1 in 3 of the world’s public clouds. It’s an end-to-end solution for private, public and hybrid cloud management, with multi-HV, multi-location and multi-cloud support; automation for a huge range of virtual and dedicated appliances; a complete set of orchestration and go-to-market tools; and the industry’s most intuitive, customizable admin and end user portal.

  • VMware, Xen, KVM & EC2

Build public and private cloud services on multiple hypervisor technologies, and manage them in one UI. SANCluster CloudBox automates bare metal, smart servers and application servers too.

  • Highly scalable

SANCluster CloudBox gives you full control over the resources available to individual virtual servers; supports multiple performance and availability zones within one cloud; supports multiple clouds via one UI and log-in; and features auto-scaling (up and out) as standard.

SANcluster Scalable Data Center
  • Highly Available

SANCluster CloudBox is extremely robust, and battle-tested in thousands of global cloud deployments. It includes automatic failover, multiple backup schema, and the ability to extend with real-time replication and restore via SANCluster DRaaS.

SANCluster High Availability Architecture
  • Software Defined Storage

With SANCluster CloudBox’s software-defined storage system, you don’t need an external SAN for your cloud – though CloudBox also supports any block storage appliance.

  • Full suite of admin tools

SANCluster CloudBox includes comprehensive metering, monitoring, billing, user management and workflow automation capabilities, ready to run, out of the box.

  • Hybrid multi-cloud management

SANCluster CloudBox  can manage multiple on-premises clouds, and extend on demand into public or private clouds on the SANCluster Federation – all managed seamlessly through the same portal.

Hybrid Cloud Management

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  • Intuitive, customizable portal

SANCluster CloudBox has the industry’s most intuitive and flexible UI. Available for browsers, iOS and Android devices, it is rebrandable, extensible and has a robust user and permissions management system which presents configurable functionality to different tiers of user, your IT team, billing team and partners.

  • Secure cloud governance

SANCluster CloudBox includes a multi-layered security engine and fine-grained control of user roles, permissions and limits – plus a range of tracking, logging and approval tools to improve governance across your cloud environments.

Secure Cloud Governance
  • Ultra-fast deployment

SANCluster CloudBox is a turnkey, enterprise-class cloud platform. It comes with a full service wrap that includes remote installation and free upgrades – and is available as a fully hosted service too.

  • Simple licensing, 24×7 support

SANCluster CloudBox has simple ‘pay as you grow’ licensing, which includes 24×7 global support and a 15 minute SLA as standard.